Consultation and Strategy

We work with you to brainstorm strategies to create an immediate and measurable impact on your business. Each strategy is coupled with a hypothesis, and prioritized by importance and effort level. The top strategies are implemented and the results are measured. And the cycle restarts...

Websites that convert

Your website is the most important step in the customer journey. It should be in line with your goals and set up for conversion. It doesn't need to be perfect but it needs a system for incremental improvement. But above all it needs to be clear and simple for your users and for you to use and manage.

Shops that sell

Ecommerce is where experience, data orientation and testing  provide direct ROI. By building top of class shops and growing them to become market leaders we are in a position where we can build efficient sales machines and teach you to incrementally grow your business.

Growth hacking

We setup advanced analytics, do quantitative and qualitative user testing, setup KPIs and interpret results. Based on our findings we create hypotheses and prioritize them. We periodically implement the top strategies and measure the results. We scale the working strategies to grow your business.

We are drawn to mission-driven people and companies that believe success is a byproduct of their passion and purpose.

Pearls of Adriatic
Bolton Adriatic
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It’s smart that you only care about results...

This is a screenshot from Google Analytics. In just six months working with this ecommerce client we improved every aspect of the business. The result was almost double the revenue from the previous period.

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  • Working with Bitami was a different experience. They do what needs to be done to get results. I value the direct approach and the time Miha takes to explain the thought process behind the decissions.

    Tanja Gutenmorgen -
  • Once they sorted our analytics tracking and reporting, we started A/B and user testing.
    Using the data Bitami designed a dedicated sales page for our book. The result was a 170% increase in conversion.

    Mitja -
  • Starting up an online pharmacy is no easy task. The learning process was hard and long but we found a reliable partner with priceless industry experience that provided solutions and guided us trough the process.

    Janez Mohorko -
Our offer is simple

Exactly what you need minus the things you don't

We start by listening to you so we can get to know your goals and aspirations. We take a deep look at your business and your customers to find the friction points. Armed with that knowledge we use our extensive experience with online sales to devise custom solutions that put you on a path to growth.

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Do you feel your online efforts should bring in more sales?

Using our Betterment process we helped many clients optimize, resdesign and evolve their online presence. By helping you understand your customers we find scalable ways to drive conversions.

Get in touch
Are you looking for answers not more questions?

We understand that you need someone you can talk to that can answer your questions and provide solutions. When you need to understand the latest acronym we can give you the gist of it. We show you the tools and teach you to use them.

You know what you want but you need perfect execution?

We can blend in with your team and help you finish on schedule while making you look good. Do you have a project that needs attention to detail, simple content management and a recipe for success? We can help you ship it.

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We take on a limited number of projects